40s USA stuck in a sad modern tech prison


A friend of mine has a dream of being the big shot female film producer to her interior designer husband. We’ve noticed that female interior designers regularly match up with male film producers. Coincidence? Who knows – but my friend certainly would like to be a part of this, just the other way around.

Most recently, she sent me a NYtimes article about a “producer-like” figure married to…. you guessed it! An interior designer. Aside from being another example for our theory, the article also introduced us to a fascinating character.

Matt Jacobson is fab 40s USA stuck in a sad modern tech prison. He was the 8th employee at Facebook and is still there and just as important as ever. You can read more on his position at the company and his history in the article but what struck me most was the following passage:

He also exhibits none of the awkwardness commonly associated with Silicon Valley types. If you mixed the personality of a laid-back surfer, the refined style of a fashion designer, the pizazz of a Hollywood producer and the self-confidence of an entrepreneur, you’d have Matt Jacobson.

“Sorry I’m a few minutes late,” he said upon arrival to our lunch. “I had a hard time getting in because of my tie. But ties are my thing.” Apparently, the too-cool-for-school Soho House has a no-tie policy, but he managed to talk his way in with one.

In my email response to my friend, I exclaimed, “Like….. He’s just not real #1. It’s SO unfortunate that his name is Matt Jacobson. My heart just races during this article for some reason! I’m like ‘omg a guy who is liked by everyone! a guy who works at fbook but cares about fashion and architecture! a guy who basically created his own role.’  He’s like 40s USA in a sad modern tech prison. But living it up writing casual columns about tailoring. omg. I just loved this. so great.”

Removing my valley fan girl-isms, my fascination is clear.


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