Lark Rise to Candleford

I’ve caught up quite a bit on my period dramas since graduating from college. One of the most charming is Lark Rise to Candleford, a BBC series about late 19th century life in the English countryside. The show spends it’s time exploring the lives of those who live in  a small hamlet, Lark Rise, and a more prosperous market town, Candleford.

Amazon prime has allowed me to casually watch this show throughout the year. It didn’t completely capture my attention to the extent that I binge watched all four seasons in one weekend. However, something changed recently and I may finish the last two seasons in the next day.

The introduction of Daniel Parish was too good to be true. I knew from the first moment that he was up to something (this show isn’t exactly subtle) but he was so cute and he seemed to truly encourage Laura’s passion for writing. When he turned out to be manipulative and horrible I said, “oh well. good riddance. It was too good to be true.” UNTIL!

DANIEL PARISH HAS RETURNED with his tail between his legs. It didn’t take long (he came back the next episode) but I appreciated the fact that his return to Candleford and Lark Rise was at least sort of realistic. The honorable Robert Timmins, Laura’s father and Downton Abbey’s John Bates, refused to let Daniel see Laura until he had apologized to everyone affected by Daniel’s article. So off Daniel goes to apologize and Emma Timmin’s, Laura’s mother and truly marvelous actress, says, “Nope. I don’t forgive you. Bye.” Realism! Yay! Of course then Laura decides she doesn’t care and kisses Daniel. Oh Laura, always seeing the best in people.

No matter what the story line is… Daniel Parish is so hot and that is the last push I needed to watch the rest of the show. Now go get Amazon Prime and watch the show.


spunky awesome Laura. You go girl!


Dorcas! The most bamf character. I want to be just like you when I grow up…




The Pratt sisters – example of the ridiculous clothes on this show.