La Belle et la Bete





I’ve been trying to figure out how to watch Christophe Gans’ “La Belle et la Bete” but remain unsuccessful. I’m hoping it will come out via amazon or itunes soon because the trailer and photos are absolutely stunning. The costumes are everything I’ve ever expected in a princess movie and the visuals are fantastical enough to remind you that you’re watching a fairy-tale.

Lea Seydoux is also a favorite of mine after I saw “Farewell, My Queen,” an interesting picture of Marie Antoinette and the beginning of the French Revolution. I personally believe she’s stunning and I’m glad she’s taken the role of Belle in this new adaptation of Beauty and the Beast.



I saw the 2012 film Populaire last night and absolutely adored it. I’m pretty reactive when I watch tv shows or movies so that was definitely me squealing and screaming during the competition at the end. My roommates gave me the side-eye…

This movie made me smile for the typical reasons – great acting and writing and visuals – but also because I stopped the movie half way through and looked into how hard it would be to recreate the beautiful skirts and dresses worn by Deborah Francois. I fan girl’ed over those skirts so badly. My boyfriend thought I would be someone who already knew how to sew so I’ll take that as a sign and hopefully spend the rest of my life attempting to recreate the wardrobe from this film. How much is a sewing machine anyway?

I really enjoyed this film and recommend it. Romain Duris was a heart throb – as usual.

Update: It looks like it will be very hard and expensive to recreate her wardrobe…